Cranberry juice is one of the best known home remedies for treating urinary tract infections. The use of cranberries is one of the oldest home remedies, and as with most home remedies, there is a debate about what kind of effect it has. The simplest way to use cranberries as a treatment is to drink cranberry juice. Apart from juice there are capsules containing highly concentrated doses of cranberry that are said to be more effective.

How it is supposed to act
Cranberry juice or capsules are supposed to have an effect because of the low pH value that cranberries have. The juice or capsules are said to reduce the pH value of the urine through its acidity. This is supposed to make it difficult for bacteria to grow and thrive. Cranberries are also said to contain substances that prevent bacteria from sticking onto the urinary tract.

The effect is debated
The real effect of cranberries as a treatment for urinary tract infections is not clear. Many who have tried it feel that the juice or capsules are effective and shortens the healing period. Others do not notice any effects at all.

Depending on whom you ask you will get different answers, however, there are some arguments and evidence that support a potential effect.

At present, there are no scientific proof or results from studies that indicate that cranberry juice can be used to treat UTIs. The effect of tablets or capsules is not clear either. Therefore, it is not possible to say whether capsules are effective or not, or what kind of effect they have. More research and results from studies about cranberry capsules and tablets are required before an answer can be given. Cranberries are considered to be unable to help men, children or people with a urinary catheter.

Even though there is no scientific proof, there is evidence supporting the fact that cranberries might be able to treat urinary tract infections. Studies have shown that there is a theoretical chance that cranberries can help, if large amounts of cranberry juice are taken over a long period of time. Several glasses many times a day would be required for a potential effect. Capsules and tablets can have some effect, but are thought to be able to mitigate symptoms only if they contain the right amount of cranberries.

Some people who have tried cranberry juice or capsules believe their effect in resolving their urinary tract infections. Apart from personal experiences, people who promote cranberries usually refer to reports that prove the effect of cranberries for treating urinary tract infections. Cranberries are recommended as a treatment for UTIs in health food stores, and many shopkeepers insist that their customers are satisfied. According to shopkeepers and customers, the cranberry juice needs to be unsweetened and organic.